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As arguably the most popular casino game in the world, online Blackjack is simple to learn and lots of fun to play. One of the big reasons that online Blackjack is so popular is that the game’s house edge is far lower than most other casino games. The house edge in Blackjack can get down to less than one percent, giving you a nearly even playing-field with the dealer. With a tiny house edge like this, you can feel much more confident betting real money at the Blackjack table.


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The key to reducing the house edge is by following the correct Blackjack strategy at all times. No matter what the situation or how much money you have on the hand, you should always maintain your composure and refer to a proper strategy for the correct move. While there are a number of rules to learn for a complete understanding of Blackjack strategy, the rules surrounding the act of doubling down can play a major role in determining your bottom line. You may not notice the difference after the first or second time, but over a long enough period of time it can boost your winnings significantly.

Seeing as though we’ve covered when to hit in blackjack and when to stand in blackjack, let’s take a look at when to double down. A big part of online Blackjack is maximizing your betting when the odds are in your favor, as well as recognizing when the odds are against you in a hand and resisting the opportunity to double down. This article will explain everything you need to know about doubling down in online Blackjack, including the best times to do it, when not to do it and how following correct double down Blackjack strategy can boost your odds of winning a real money payout.

What Is Doubling Down In Online Blackjack?

Doubling down in online Blackjack is a betting option for the player to increase their bet amount once the initial cards have been dealt, after which you get just one more card for the rest of the hand. By allowing online Blackjack players to increase their bet amount after having seen the start of the hand, it reduces the house edge and helps improve your odds of winning.

Having said all that, remember that doubling down in online Blackjack is not without risk. You only get one more card, so if that card is low it would not only lead to you losing the hand but you’d also lose twice the original bet amount. This is precisely why it’s so important that you know exactly when to be doubling down in online Blackjack.

When To Double Down In Online Blackjack

By learning when you should be doubling down in online Blackjack, you can boost your odds significantly and end up winning some big real-money payouts. The first step when deciding whether or not to be doubling down is to figure out your odds of winning the hand based on the cards that have been dealt.

At this point in the hand, you will be able to see both of your cards, as well as one of the dealer’s two cards. The dealer’s card you cannot see is called the ‘hole card’ and you should assume it holds a value of 10, as that’s the most likely outcome. Here are the three best situations for doubling down in a hand of online Blackjack:

  • Combined total of 11

With your first two cards combining for a total of 11, it’s time to double down (unless the dealer is showing an ace). The reason for this is that a 10 is the most likely card to come out of the deck in online Blackjack and that means you’ve got great odds at hitting 21.

  • Hard 9 or 10

In online Blackjack, the term ‘hard’ means a hand without an ace. You should consider doubling down with a hard 9 or 10, but only when the dealer’s showing a fairly low card such as 5 or 6. This doubling down technique won’t win every time at the Blackjack table, but should definitely help you come out ahead in the long run.

  • Soft 16, 17 and 18

In online Blackjack, the term ‘soft’ means a hand that includes an ace. If you happen to be holding a soft 16, 17 or 18 (A5, A6, A7), you may want to consider doubling down. Once again, this move should only be done if the dealer is showing a low card like a 5 or 6.

When Not To Double Down in Online Blackjack

A lot of online Blackjack players are so excited to be doubling down that they often fail to recognize when to avoid it. The goal is to identify when the odds are no longer in your favor and resist the temptation. This is an important blackjack tip that can save you quite a bit of money over time.

  • Facing an Ace

This should be an obvious rule for most online Blackjack players but it must be mentioned nonetheless. If the dealer is showing an ace, they will have very good odds at getting blackjack. Even if they don’t make a blackjack, the ‘soft’ nature of their hand will give them an added advantage.

  • Showing 12 or More

If you’re first two cards in online Blackjack combine for 12 or more, doubling down is not the move. With a 10 being the most likely card out of the deck, the odds of your hand going over 21 and busting are too high for you to be doubling down in this scenario.


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Many online Blackjack players tend to double down on their hands seemingly at random. Or even worse, some online Blackjack players double down on almost every hand. No matter what you see being done on the digital felt, just remember to stay true to the principals of doubling down covered in this article. As long as you follow the correct Blackjack strategy, you should have no trouble limiting the house edge and boosting your odds of winning a real-money payout.