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When it comes to casino entertainment, nothing beats Blackjack. From its simple rules and fast-pace nature, to the fact that it offers some of the best odds; it’s easy to see why this classic game is so popular. If you want to learn how to play blackjack online, you’ve come to the right place. Learn the basics and you’ll be set to work on your blackjack strategy.


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Blackjack Rules: The Basics

The first thing to do is place a bet and hit “Deal”. You and the dealer will then receive two cards each – both of them face up for you; and for the dealer, one face up and the other face down.

Next, you must choose whether to hit and draw another card, or stand if you’re content with the hand you’re holding. However, before you make your move there are two things to remember:

  1. The primary objective of blackjack is to come as close to 21 without going over, while still having a higher card total than the dealer.
  2. To build a good hand, know that all face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) are worth 10 points, Aces count as either 1 point or 11 and all other cards are worth their numeric value.
  3. The dealer must follow specific game rules. They must draw on any hand below 17 and on soft 17 (a hand that includes an Ace). They must also stand on hard 17 (ex: King, 7) or more.

If you choose to hit, you’ll be dealt another card and, assuming you bust (i.e., exceed 21), you’ll have to decide whether to hit or stand again.

The hand closest to 21 wins. If your hand is of the same value as the dealer’s, the game is a push (a tie) and your bet is returned to you. If your hand consists of an Ace and a 10 (or another face card) this is a blackjack and you win. If you’re hand equals 21 (ex: 10, 4, 7) and the dealer has a blackjack, you lose. Lastly, if your hand exceeds 21, you bust and lose.

Useful Blackjack Tips

In terms of strategy, check out these blackjack tips for an added edge:

  1. Always hit if your hand adds up to less than 17 and the dealer shows a face card, 10, 9, 8 or 7. The dealer’s chances of busting here are low and your chances of hitting a blackjack or 21 with a hand lower than 17 are also low so you have room to play around.
  2. Always stand with a hand total exceeding 12 when the dealer shows a 4, 5 or 6. When the dealer holds these cards, more than 40% of the time he’ll wind up busting. Your best bet in this case is to ride out any hand of 13 or higher.
  3. Always double down on a hand totalling 11 if the dealer shows a 2 through 10, or when your hand adds up to 10 and the dealer shows a 9 or lower. You should also always double down on soft 13 and 17 if the dealer shows a 4, 5 or a 6.


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Now that you know the basics, go ahead and hit up Bovada’s blackjack games to land your next big win.