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With simple rules and a fun atmosphere, it’s easy to see why online Blackjack is such a popular game at Bovada Casino. Whether you’re new to Blackjack or an experienced player who’s been around the block, the game is fun for players of all skill levels. Regardless of your experience, everyone makes mistakes from time to time, even at the Blackjack table. These mistakes can cost you some money over time, but they can be easily avoided by following correct Blackjack strategy at all times. Blackjack may be a game of chance, but you can increase your odds of winning by following the proper strategy and avoiding rookie mistakes. This article will walk you through some of the more common mistakes made at the Blackjack table and should help you to start winning more hands at Bovada Casino.


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#1 – Choosing the Wrong Table

Believe it or not, many beginners make their first mistake before even taking a seat at the table. There are a number of Blackjack variations available online, so it’s important to find the version of the game that’s right for you. At Bovada Casino, you’ll find several variations of Blackjack, each with their own set of rules and features. Be sure to take a close look at the full rules and betting odds of each game before sitting down to play.

#2 – Splitting 10s

Arguably the worst mistake you can make at a Blackjack table, splitting 10s is a cardinal sin when playing this popular card game. You may come across some Blackjack players who will split 10s when the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6, but this is a mistake and it will cost them in the long run. Splitting 10s may be tempting since starting a hand with a 10 is generally considered a good thing, but in this case you’re better off leaving your hand as is with a score of 20. If you crunch the numbers and study the odds, you’ll see that it doesn’t pay to split 10s, no matter what the situation.


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#3 – Doubling Down On 11 With Dealer Showing An Ace.

One of the first things you learn at the Blackjack table is to always double down when your first two cards combine for a total of 11. While this is the correct move the majority of the time, you may want to reconsider doubling down when the dealer is showing an ace. While you’ll still have a strong chance of pulling a 10 or face card and making 21, the dealer has an equally strong chance of doing the same. Additionally, doubling down means you only get one more card – there’s not much you can do if you draw a 2 or 3 on a double down into an ace, other than pray that the dealer miraculously busts.

It should be noted that there are certain scenarios where doubling down on an 11 into an ace makes sense, but it depends on the rules of the table. Some blackjack games states that the dealer must stand on a soft 17, while others Blackjack games require the dealer to take another card in that situation. In the case where a dealer must hit on a soft 17, you can definitely make the case for doubling down.

#4 – Buying Insurance

Many players choose to take insurance when the dealer is showing an ace. The cost of insurance is typically half of your original bet amount. If the dealer has a 10 or face card in the hole and gets Blackjack, you’ll lose your original bet but break even with the insurance payout. This may sound like a good deal and makes you feel like you’re in control, but if you take a closer look at the odds you’ll see that buying insurance at the Blackjack table is not in your best interest.

#5 – Standing On 16 With Dealer Showing 7 Or Higher

Proper Blackjack strategy dictates that you should always hit on 16 if the dealer is showing a 7 or higher. This makes perfect sense since the dealer is most likely to draw a 10 or face card and beat your hand with a total score of 17. Despite the odds, some Blackjack players still make the mistake of standing in this situation. This is because they’re scared of drawing a big card and busting their hand. It’s understandable given that only a 5 or lower will keep you in the hand, but in the long run you’ll be much better off hitting and hoping for the best. It may take some courage, but hitting on 16 is the correct move in this scenario.


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Blackjack may be a simple game but there are still plenty of ways to improve your odds. The house edge in Blackjack depends on how you play the game – if you manage to avoid these common mistakes and follow proper Blackjack strategy at all times, you can bring the house edge down as low as 0.5% and boost your chances of winning a big money payout at Bovada Casino. Be sure to sign up to Bovada to begin playing online Blackjack and all of our other thrilling online casino games such as Hot Drop Jackpots, roulette and more.